Keep the ball in shape

The first time you pump the ball up, give it a day to really fall into its shape. Since the inner material is organic the ball will lose a little air over a few weeks’ time. This is a good thing as it will keep the material elastic and soft. We recommend that you give the ball’s valve a drop of silicone oil or lubricant every 4-6 months to keep the valve flexible and minimize air loss.


The ball may feel hard in cold weather

Consider deflating it and keep it somewhere warm for an hour. Then give it a 30 seconds massage with your hands. The ball will be softer when you inflate it again.


The ball is hand stitched

The ball is hand stitched and lives up to all UNDP/UN production standards.  


The ball supports GGWCUP

Proceeds from the sale of the ball will go to the Global Goals World Cup @GGWCUP—a tournament reimagining the way of ‘keeping the score’. More on