About the revolutionary ball by EIR

All soccer / footballs produced by EIR are special because it is a ball scientifically adjusted by scientists to fit female players, reduce the high level of injuries and create speed. It is also a game ball suitable for any player.

Five ball facts

  • 50% of the players find the EIR™ Ball better vis-a-vis a standard 5 ball.

  • 86% of all respondents respond positively to the Eir Ball. Nearly half of all respondents stress that when playing with the Eir ball they have a better feeling.

  • 66% think it is more fun to play with the EIR™ Ball.

  • 60% want to continue to play with the EIR™ Ball.

  • 53% say that playing with the EIR™ Ball is a special experience.

More facts and the underlying research on Eirsoccer.com.


The ball makes you play faster

The ball may feel fast the first few times you play with it - but after a little practice you will be able to control it fully and hopefully fall in love with the speed of the ball like we did.

Keeping the ball in shape

The first time you pump the ball, give it a day to really fall into the shape. Since the inner material is organic the Ball will loose a little air over a few weeks time. This is a good thing – it will keep the material elastic and soft. Eir recommend that you give the Ball valve a drop of ball pump oil every 4-6 months to keep the valve flexible and minimize air loss.

The ball may feel hard in cold weather

Consider deflating it and keep it somewhere warm for a short time – e.g. close to a heater for an hour. Then give it a 30 seconds massage with your hands. The ball will be softer when you inflate it again.

The balls are hand stitched

Please write to us if you have any questions or anything seems wrong.

The revolutionary ball collection

  • The VOTE Ball (2020) by Hope Gangloff. Her work is represented by the Susan Inglett Gallery in New York. Find more here: www.hope-gangloff.com.

  • The SDG Ball (2015): Supports UN/UNDP and partners in spreading the 17 Global Goals.

  • Pigernes Stemme (Girls voices) (2016): Supported the biggest research project of youth girl football in Denmark. Created together with Copenhagen University, TrygFonden and the Danish Football Association DBU.

  • Do Democracy (2015): Celebrates women’s right to vote in Denmark and across the world. Created with Copenhagen Distortion, the Danish Government and former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. She is the first woman to hold this post.

  • Good Luck (2014): Supporting football camps for refugee women in Denmark. Created together with Danish fashion brand GANNI.

  • Karma (2013): An initiative supporting performances by girl refugees from Afghanistan and other war torn countries in cooperation with US State Department. Changing the world through sport and music. (orange ball). Created with Hummel and Roskilde Music Festival.

  • Art Rebels (2012): Raised funds and awareness for Red Cross Asylum United, the first women’s refugee soccer league. Created with Art Rebels, Hummel and Roskilde Music Festival.

  • Sensational Black (2011): Raised funds for an Afghan women’s and men’s national team bus. Created with Hummel.

  • Sensational 1 (2008)